FEA Engineer

Saman Hoseini



Tabriz University


Sanandaj University


Abaqus 100%
Fe-safe 70%
Msc fatigue 70%
Python 50%
Mimics 50%
Catia 50%
Solidworks 50%


Persian 100%
English 60%


FREELANCE (2018 - Present)

  • SUBROUTINE experience in ABAQUS

  • Scripting experience in ABAQUS

  • Fracture mechanics and crack growth

  • Fatigue analysis

  • Biomechanical modelling

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Heat transfer and thermomechanical loads


Some of Projects

  • TNT blast analysis in Abaqus to meet the standards of an explosion-proof door
  • Evaluating the biomechanical properties of skull implants.
  • Studying the mechanical behaviour of a coronary stent.
  • Fracture and fatigue in customized mandibular plates.
  • The transient heat transfer simulation in selective laser sintering using DFLUX subroutine.
  • Working on bone fracture in ABAQUS
  • CFRP cylinders buckling under axial compression
  • Creep behaviour modelling with a creep subroutine
  • Mechanical vibration analysis in Abaqus
  • Modelling concrete structures
  • Metal forming
  • Modelling impact and damage
  • Modelling blast (underwater and air, …)
  • Modelling element additions by UEL subroutine
  • The stress intensity factor in pressure vessels and shells
  • XFEM models
  • Modelling cohesive crack propagation
  • Impact model with SPH
  • Welding: FSW , RSW , WAAM , FW
  • Nanocomposite modelling in ABAQUS
  • Damping model


Online tutoring costs between 10 and 30 CAD per hour 


About Me

Working in an environment with expectations that exceed my skill and knowledge set drives me to succeed. Since I have been passionate about providing high-quality simulations for thesis, exercises, and industrial projects for years. With more than 400 successfully completed projects in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering, I’m an expert in both fields

I can tell you the cost of the project in advance.
If you are interested please send me an email with details of your project.
Saman Hoseini
Saman Hoseini