Saman Hoseini

Saman Hosseini

FEA Engineer​

PhD Student with more than 5 years experience in Abaqus


Amirkabir University of Technology (2022-Present)

Tabriz University (2016-2018)

Sanandaj University (2012-2015)


Abaqus 100%
Fe-safe 80%
Msc fatigue 70%
Python 50%
Mimics 60%
Hyper Mesh 50%
Solidworks 50%


Persian 100%
English 60%


FREELANCE (2018 - Present)

  • SUBROUTINE experience in ABAQUS.
  • Scripting experience in ABAQUS.
  • Fracture mechanics and crack growth.
  • Fatigue analysis.
  • Biomechanical modelling.
  • Additive Manufacturing.
  • Heat transfer and thermomechanical loads.
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    • TNT blast analysis in Abaqus to meet the standards of an explosion-proof door
    • Evaluating the biomechanical properties of skull implants.
    • Studying the mechanical behaviour of a coronary stent.
    • Fracture and fatigue in customized mandibular plates.
    • The transient heat transfer simulation in selective laser sintering using DFLUX subroutine.
    • Working on bone fracture in ABAQUS.
    • CFRP cylinders buckling under axial compression.
    • Creep behaviour modelling with a creep subroutine.
    • Mechanical vibration analysis in Abaqus.
    • Modelling concrete structures
    • Metal forming.
    • Modelling impact and damage.
    • Modelling blast (underwater and air, …).
    • Modelling element additions by UEL subroutine.
    • The stress intensity factor in pressure vessels and shells.
    • Modelling cohesive crack propagation.
    • Impact model with SPH method
      Welding: FSW , RSW , WAAM , FW.
    • Nanocomposite modelling in ABAQUS.
    • Damping model

    Tutoring Rates​

    Online tutoring costs: from 20 to 60 CAD per hour.

    About Me

    • Specializing in delivering high-quality simulations for thesis, exercises, and industrial projects across biomedical and mechanical engineering domains.
    • Successfully completed over 400 projects, establishing expertise in both biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering fields.
    • Possessing five years of research experience focused on finite element analysis, structural engineering, and heat transfer modeling.
    • Proficient in software development, with expertise in Python and FORTRAN languages.
    • Skilled in utilizing SolidWorks, Catia, Mimics, 3-Matic, and Hypermesh software for various engineering tasks.
    • Experienced in fatigue life calculation using Fe-safe and MSC Fatigue software.
    • Demonstrated leadership abilities as a mentor on the Hyperlyceum team, adept at managing multiple projects and troubleshooting complex issues.
    • Extensive experience in developing welding and additive manufacturing models, as well as conducting measurements such as residual stress analysis and 3D scanning.

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    Dr.-Ing. Ronald Wagner

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