Ahmadreza Sharifi

FEA Engineer

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Malek Ashtar university of Technology


Qom University of Technology


Abaqus 100%
Hyper Mesh 70%
Python 75%
Fortran 75%
Solidworks 60%
C++ 50%
Microsoft Office 60%
Endnote 50%


Persian 100%
English 80%



Abaqus, Python, and Fortran

In order to simulate intricate processes, a combination of FORTRAN for creating subroutine code within subroutines and Python for improving the modeling process is utilized. I am experienced in working with these tools for various processes, especially UMAT and VUMAT subroutines.


  • Freelancer (Finite Element Method Project focus on Python scripting)


  • I have been TA (Continuous Mechanics 1) during my MSc. programs.
  • ABAQUS Software Workshop
  • Scripting by Python in Abaqus finite element commercial software
  • subroutine by Fortran in Abaqus finite element commercial software
  • MATLAB Coding Software

About Me

  • Conducted experimental and finite element (FE) analysis of composite joints using a FORTRAN subroutine.
  • Performed micro-mechanical FE analysis on a novel composite polymer reinforced by random fibers to study its elastic and fracture behavior using the Representative Volume Element (RVE) method.
  • Utilized Python scripting and periodic boundary conditions (PBC) to conduct micro-mechanical FE analysis on a novel composite polymer reinforced by plates, studying its elastic and fracture behavior.
  • Employed Python scripting and PBC with the RVE method to analyze the elastic and fracture behavior of fiber-reinforced polymers in FE analysis.
  • Developed a UMAT subroutine for analyzing wrinkling in hyperplastic thin shells, incorporating a genetic algorithm to prevent wrinkling.
  • Created a PYTHON code script in ABAQUS software to calculate the stiffness matrix, specifically for the RVE method used in composite materials.
  • Simulated crack initiation and propagation in composites using both XFEM and VCCT methods through numerical simulation.
  • Conducted progressive 3D damage analysis for composite materials, addressing the lack of 3D damage criteria in the ABAQUS CAE software.
  • Optimized mechanical and adhesive composite-metal pipe joints using ABAQUS.
I'm fluent in both Persian and English and I'm skilled in using Abaqus.
Ahmadreza Sharifi

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