reza tangestani

PhD Student at University of Waterloo

Reza Tangestani



University of Waterloo


Sharif university of technology




Abaqus 100%
Fortran 70%
Python 70%
Solid mechanic courses 80%
Fluid mechanic courses 50%


Persian 100%
English 90%



2015 - Present

Abaqus by using Python and Fortran

To simulate complex models you need to use FORTRAN language for developing code in subroutine and Python is necessary to create time-consuming models

2015 - Present


I have been TA several times in my master and PhD program and being kind is my key to help students to learn


30-50$ per hour for tutoring

Engineering consultant starts form 30$

All in Canadian Dollar

About Me

I have good skills in teaching and I believe by being kind and calm I can help students more to understand the courses. Since 2015 I use Abaqus to simulate the Additive manufacturing (AM) and I can say I’m one of the best in this field of study. I know Python and FORTRAN languages since it was necessary to create an AM model.

I'm good in both Persian and English languages and I'm skillful in Abaqus.
Reza Tangestani
Reza Tangestani

If you like him to be your tutor or for Engineering counsellor please send him an Email