The Stress and Strain Analysis of Total Knee Replacement using FEM (Coming Soon)


Losing a body part is a painful experience. One can only realize such a feeling through the loss of an organ. Obesity and longer lifespans have increased the need for total knee replacements. Longer life expectancy and the decreasing age of prostheses replacements call for the enhancement of total knee implants. Therefore, many researchers are working to improve their quality through their studies. In this research, the performance of an actual total knee replacement that was under use in the knee is investigated. Considering the complicated geometry of the target prosthesis, we designed it in CAD software. The Model was finally edited using the SolidWorks software. Considering various boundary conditions, we then studied  the model through  nonlinear analysis, dynamic explicit analysis using the finite element method with Abaqus software. To evaluate the mechanical performance of the prosthesis, we investigated these results in various situations of mechanical loading and the most critical status of walking.


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