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This video explains how to use Simufact to simulate stress relief heat treatment. It starts from the previous model which will be used as an input for the heat treatment problem. Next, the heat treatment model is created and executed. Finally, the results are shown and explained. The “Stress relief heat treatment” simulation in Simufact allows you to calculate the stress relaxation due to expansion in the process. However, there is no need to simulate the phase transition or creep. You can define a temperature history over time and plug into the oven module as the heating curve for these sorts of problems. Due to elevated temperature the yield stress of materials is decreased as the process decreases. This triggers a change in the residual stress field. Real stress relief processes happen on a time scale of several hours to a few days.

If you are interested in learning how to create the model about the Laser metal deposition, you can find it here:

Laser Metal Deposition in Simufact

The video is less than 10 minutes so you can quickly learn the basic parts of the software. In this video, we avoid giving too many details.

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