Problem During Compilation Error in Abaqus



This video gives a short explanation on detecting and finding the error “Problem during compilation” in the Abaqus subroutine. Then, it shows how to correct and troubleshoot the problem.

Abaqus Subroutine Problem During Compilation Error

This error appears in model development using the Abaqus subroutine. There are three main reasons to this error; the syntax error, and the conflict between the code and Abaqus solver.

Error due to linking Abaqus

One of the main reasons for this error is a mistake in linking Abaqus. If you want to learn more about the linking method please, watch the following video:

How to Link Abaqus with Intel FORTRAN

To check if the problem is due to linking you can download the files here and execute them. If you receive any errors executing these files, it means the problem is linking Abaqus. If not, it means your code has a problem and you need to follow the approach explained here. There are two main approaches to detect and fix the problem which are explained in this video by examples.

Methods to debug the Abaqus subroutine errors

The first method is using the file with *.log extension as includes the data regarding the simulation process. However, running and opening the file might be time-consuming to debug the code so the method linked to the command window is explained as you can see the error as part of your report. If you are looking to learn more about the debugging method, you can watch the following video:

“Too Many Attempts” and “Less than the Minimum specified Time” Errors in Abaqus

More information about this video

This video is about 5 minutes and covers all the details. Here you can find the following files:

Abaqus files: CAE, ODB, INP, FORTRAN, and JNL

PowerPoint files that contain more details.

Video files: How to create this model, PowerPoint presentation.

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