Mimics segmentation : segmenting a mask within mimics



The purpose of this mimics segmentation video is to show you how to create a three-dimensional mimics segmentation of a particular part from CT-scan images using mimics software in a simple way.

Imagine your CT images include a few bones other than the main bone model that you want to produce, you need to choose and separate that certain bone from the other bones in the first place.

Thus, in this video the images include scapula and humerus but I’m only going to build the 3-D model of the scapula bone.

This video can be very helpful for Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering students for designing and simulating the body parts. This clip will show you how to separate the desired bone you need to segment in the fastest way.

Content of the video

In the first attached video, I am going to show you how to import DICOM images into mimics software. Regarding building a three-dimensional model of a body part you need to utilize materialize software like mimics to actually produce the 3-D part.

You need to provide some CT-scan images of a patient to import into mimics as this software reads the DICOM files. This very quick video would be very helpful for the students who want to get started with mimics.

In the second attached video, I applied the mechanical properties to a scapula bone and defined the features of mimics software in this regard. Also, the process of exporting mesh with the defined material properties is provided.

This simulation can be very helpful in the biomechanics industry and companies in the mentioned area. It can also give you some hints for modelling biomechanics simulations and implant design.

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Mimics software : How to import DICOM images




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