Laser Metal Deposition in Simufact



This video will teach you how to create a model setup of the laser metal deposition process. A laser heat source will be used to melt up a metallic material and deposit it as layers on a metal sheet. In total 11 layers will be deposited and between the single layers, there will be a pause for cooling of the components. Fixing will be used to restrain all degrees of freedom of the sheet. This video will show how to set up and post-process an LMD process in Simufact welding. The example process consists of a 3D process where a structure is created on a base plate. One fixing is used to hold the base plate in position. If you are interested in learning how to create theĀ  model about the resistance spot welding you can find it here:

Another example of resistance spot welding in Simufact

The video is short; less than 15 minutes so you can quickly learn the basic parts of the software. In this video, we avoid giving too many details.

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    The complexity of the model is very good

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