Dload Subroutine and Analytical Field in Abaqus



This video gives two examples explaining how to define a distributive load as pressure using the load subroutine and the analytical field. This compassion shows there is no difference between the analytical field and Dload in defining distributive sinusoidal load but the Dload subroutine provides more flexibility. First, in a PowerPoint file we offer the details of the model as an introduction. Next, the model is created in Abaqus using the analytical field option. The model is modified to use the Dload subroutine afterward. We explain the Dload subroutine and place two “write” commands to evaluate the results. The results are compared and we show there is no difference between the two and they both calculate the exact same values. In the end, we use the reported results using Dload to show the capability of the Dload subroutine.

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Dload subroutine:

This video can help you learn the basics of Dload subroutine in Abaqus. It explains the inputs and outputs that you can use to define your load.

This is the downloadable link where you can find the subroutine and Abaqus files. As it is free to download for a limited time, downloading it can save you time to learn this code.

An Example for Dload Subroutine

https://hyperlyceum.com/product/vdload-subroutine-for-movement-of-a-train-on-railroad/ Vdload subroutine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxT0uDmpBnc&t=655s&ab_channel=HyperLyceum

This video explains the movement of the train on an iron rail. To save computational time, the wheels and wagons are not simulated and the weight is modeled by the distributed moving load. It includes all the details for your project and you can ask questions for 3 days after purchasing this product.

VDload Subroutine for Movement of a Train on Railroad

The explicit model here uses the VDload subroutine to simulate the moving load on a component. VDload is very similar to Dload subroutine but it is only for explicit models and recommended for simulation that happens in a short amount of time.

An Example for VDLoad Subroutine in Explicit Model

This video explains the log file which helps you learn how to use it to debug your subroutine code. After the log file it explains the second approach for debugging which is very common to use.

This is the downloadable link which is free for a limited time.

Problem During Compilation Error in Abaqus

The video contents for this product are:

0:00 Introduction

5:07 Creating the model

8:05 Analytical field

9:52 Dload subroutine

12:03 Ad

13:49 Comparing the results

16:20 Ending

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