Direct Energy Deposition in Simufact Welding (Part 1)



This video will teach you the basic use of Simufact welding direct energy deposition processes.

What is DED?

DED is a group of AM processes that adds material alongside heat input simultaneously. The heat input can either be a laser, electron beam, or plasma arc. The material feed stock is either metal powder or wire. Powders result in lower deposition efficiency compared with metal wires as only a part of the total powder would be melted and bonded to the substrate (Lee, 2008). Like the E-PBF, electron beam systems in DED require vacuum and would not have high oxidation issues and laser system and, on the other hand, require other methods to introduce inert gases. Powder DED machines often have inert gas blown together with the powder from the nozzles, thereby sheathing the melted region, reducing the oxidization rate (Gokuldoss et al., 2017). Powder DED systems can use single or multiple nozzles to eject the metal powders (Mazzucato et al., 2017). Using multiple nozzles allows the possibility of mixing different materials to get functionally graded materials (FGM) (Liu and DuPont, 2003; Li et al., 2017).

DED systems can differ from PBF systems as powders used are often larger in size and require higher energy density (Yusuf and Gao, 2017; Lewandowski and Seifi, 2016). This results in faster building rates as compared with PBF system. However, this also leads to poorer surface quality that may require additional machining. Support structures commonly used in PBF systems are seldom or never used in DED. DED often uses multiple axis turntables to rotate the build platform to achieve varying features. Without the need for a powder bed, DED systems can repair or print on existing parts.

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The video is short; less than 20 minutes so you can quickly learn the basic parts of the software. In this video, we avoid giving too many details.

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