Decreasing processing time in explicit models

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Here, you can download a tutorial for an explicit model. This video helps you understand the difference between explicit and implicit models.  A punch model was used as an example which is challenging to simulate the high rate deformation with. Using the model and following the tutorial video you will learn different approaches to increase computational efficiency. These methods are:

1- Mass scaling: Increasing material density which leads to increased time increment step. YouTube Video:

2- Modifying the step time: Increasing the process rate which leads to decreased the step time so less increment would be required to solve the model. YouTube Video:

3- Modifying the element size: Increasing the element size which leads to increased time increment size and number of elements. YouTube Video:

4- The special approaches: There are many tricks in every model. Removing empty space is an example of them here.

After the last episode, you will see we can make a model about 10 times faster than the basic model. The video is short so you can learn this in less than 15 minutes and you will have the output and Abaqus CAE file. The following files are available in this product.

Abaqus files: CAE, ODB, INP, and JNL

Video files: How to create this model.

Powerpoint File.

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Implicit VS Explicit models

Explicit models are helpful in simulating fast processes. Usually, these models have a high rate of deformation or include an explosion or element deletion. Since element deletion requires sudden changes in simulation, it is common to use explicit models. On the other hand, implicit models are applicable for long processes. Implementing contact can be challenging in this type of simulation. Since the time increment size is larger in this type of model it is possible to simulate larger step time.



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    It is a good series of videos and helps you to have a comprehensive understanding of explicit modelling

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