An Introduction to Simufact Software



This video explains the basics of the software and helps absolute beginners start learning the Simufact software. Here, you will learn about the software environment as an introduction.

Introduction to Simufact

The topics we are covering: an introduction to software, creating a model, software settings, process tree, properties, and object catalog with all sub-sections. Each module of software is first introduced and some of the features are explained using an example to give a better understanding. Furthermore, general information about modelling the welding process is provided.

The video is short; less than 10 minutes so you can quickly learn the basics of the software. In this video, we avoid giving too many details.

If you need any help please send me an Email: aminganjabi@hyperlyceum.com

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Easy learning

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  1. HyperLyceum Team (verified owner)

    This video gives you a good idea of the Simufact

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