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In this model, we have simulated a high-velocity impact between a projectile and a circular disk. We defined shear failure and element deletion for the disk so that after the impact, elements which have been affected by the projectile will be deleted.

This simulation can be very helpful in industries and companies in the aerospace area and it could also give you some hints for modeling damage criteria. In this product you can find the following documents:

Abaqus files: CAE, ODB, INP, and JNL

PowerPoint files which contain more details.

About the tutorial:

The high velocity impact in heterogeneous materials is a very old and complex problem. Accurate numerical simulation of impact events can provide physical insights that cannot be captured by experiments. The high velocity process is very complex and requires the use of reliable and robust constitutive material models. Currently, for impact modelling in composite structures at low and high speed, we mainly use Finite Element Method (FEM), Boundary Element Method, Finite Volume Method, meshless formulations and recently connection of FEM and element free based formulations. In this paper the finite element models for normal impact were created in ABAQUS/Explicit software.

Impact loading and wave propagation in heterogeneous material is very old and complex problem [1, 2]. The phenomenon of material and geometric dispersion are so far very little studied. It is a complex problem with regards to interaction of pressure and tension phase waves generated on the boundary of inhomogeneous material. The smaller the particles, the greater the number of material interfaces, which interact with each other and wave progresses, the greater the reduction and dispersion. Interaction of the bow shock wave with the secondary pressure waves result in dissipation, shock-wave attenuation. Impact is very important in industry.

Video files: How to create this model

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