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What is Abaqus?

Abaqus is an FEA software for multiple engineering purposes. It has been widely used by many researchers, companies, and students to simulate simple and complex models. Abaqus is a flexible tool to analyze processes compared to other software. Even though it has a user-friendly environment, it is not easy to learn as the license is extremely expensive. Therefore, tutorial videos on the software are not easy to find or are too expensive. Before starting to explain the details of this Abaqus tutorial first we should learn what Abaqus covers and what exactly it is. The following explanation was extracted from Abaqus 6.14 documentation.

Abaqus/CAE  is a Complete Abaqus Environment that provides a simple, consistent interface for creating, submitting, monitoring, and evaluating results from Abaqus simulations. Abaqus/CAE is divided into modules, where each module defines a logical aspect of the modelling process; for example, defining the geometry, defining material properties, generating a mesh, submitting analysis jobs, and interpreting results.


This general-purpose analysis product can solve a wide range of linear and nonlinear problems including the static, dynamic, thermal, electrical, and electromagnetic responses of components. Abaqus/Standard includes all analysis capabilities except those provided in the Abaqus/Explicit and Abaqus/CFD programs and the add-on analysis functionality described below.


This product provides a nonlinear, transient, dynamic analysis of solids and structures using explicit time integration. Its powerful contact capabilities, reliability, and computational efficiency on large models also make it highly effective for quasi-static applications including discontinuous nonlinear behaviour.


This product is a computational fluid dynamics program supporting preprocessing, simulation, and postprocessing in Abaqus/CAE. Abaqus/CFD provides scalable parallel CFD simulation capabilities to address a number of nonlinear coupled fluid-thermal and fluid-structural problems. This product was removed from Abaqus since version 2017 and it became a separate software.

Abaqus Tutorial Video

In this video, you will learn how to use Abaqus software in less than 35 minutes. This video is good for absolute beginners who want to learn Abaqus in a short time. This Abaqus tutorial is different from others as it is the starting point for students. To continue learning Abaqus on an advanced level, you need to follow our other published videos as they help you with your projects. Here, we avoid giving unnecessary details. Based on the research you are doing, you need to use some details but knowing all of them is not necessary.

In this video, we avoid giving too many details so you can easily use the products. Here you can find the following files:

Abaqus files: CAE, ODB, INP, and JNL

Video files: How to create this model.

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[1] Abaqus documentation 6.14:



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