Hooman Shirzadi

FEA Engineer​

PhD Student with more than 5 years experience in Abaqus


University of Victoria (2018-2021)

Sharif University of Technology (2015-2017)


Abaqus 90%
Solid mechanic courses 80%
fluid mechanic courses 70%
OpenSim 90%
MeshLab 80%
Mimics 100%


Persian 100%
English 90%



Abaqus (2015-present)

My previous research focused on computationally and empirically investigating the biomechanics of the human eye during blunt trauma as a result of airbag deployment. This project has been conducted via Abaquse (Finite Element Software)

Tutoring (2015-present)

I’ve been TAing since 2015 for several courses in Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering fields during my M.Sc. and PhD program. So, I have lots of experiences in this regard and am happy to convey my information to another student.

Tutoring Rates​

  • 10-30$CAD per hour for tutoring (depends on the course).
  • Engineering consultants starts from 20$CAD

About Me

Immediately after finishing his masters degree in mechanical engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Hooman joined the OT&B lab to pursue a PhD in mechanical engineering. He has some expertise in teaching engineering course and also fulfilling Mechanical and Biomedical engineering projects utilizing some software such as Abaquse, OpenSim, MeshLab, and Mimics.