"Our goal is to create an opportunity for students to share their knowledge"

About Us

We are experts in the areas of mechanical engineering, Biomechanics, Additive manufacturing, and etc.  We started working on this idea at the University of Waterloo, expanded it to the University of Victoria, and are working to  spread the word to more Colleges and Universities across Canada.  We launched this website to provide an opportunity for international students and tutors to reach each other and our desire is to expand the resources offered on this website to include many different subjects and languages.  Our vision for this website is to fill it with resources designed to help both students and companies.

 We are currently working on expanding 3 sections of our website: tutoring, engineering consultation and tutorial videos. In the tutoring section, we can provide detailed online classes in English and Persian in courses related to mechanical engineering.

 In engineering consultation, we help students and companies find skilled researchers to help them in their projects. In tutorial videos, we provide educational content to help students learn new material. Currently, we have a variety of videos teaching the following softwares in detailAbaqus, Mimics, OpenFOAM, MATLAB, Simufact, 3matic, SolidWorks, and Multi-software. In the tutoring section, our goal is to connect students to tutors with the same language so they can have a better understanding of the course. Our long-term vision is to expand this website to provide an extensive amount of outline courses, tutorials, and videos in a vast variety of subjects and in different languages across Canada. If you are in working as an online tutor or creating video tutorials in any post-secondary subject in your field and in your native language, click on “job opportunities” and send us an email.

Job opportunities

Tutorial Video

In this section we will give you enough space to upload your tutorial videos and all intellectual property rights in the content published on the site belong to you. For each sold video you have to pay 7% to the website and 13% for tax. If you are interested in working with us please send us an email.

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Engineering consultaion

As a graduate student you can work in this section but you need to take a test. After passing the initial test, you can work as a researcher for companies and students who need your help. As members you need to pay 1$ for each project you accept.


If you are in UOW or UVIC or you are interested in providing online classes and you would like to join us please send us an email so we can add you to our team. 

As members you need pay 1$ for each class you accept.


Get In Touch With Us:

E-mail address: administrator@hyperlyceum.com