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By Mehdi Zabihi

and Nafise Ghadiry


By Reza Tangestani, Hooman Shirzadi, and Saman Hoseini


Alireza Ahmadi


By Peyman Havaej


By Amin Ganjabi

Hyperelastic materials in ABAQUS

Hyperelastic materials are materials that can undergo large deformations without permanent damage. Rubber-like materials, biological tissues, soft robots, and other applications that involve large strains often use them to model.

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UMAT and VUMAT: Advantages & Limitations

Overview of UMAT and VUMAT Subroutines The UMAT (User Material) and VUMAT (Vectorized User Material) subroutines are widely used in ABAQUS, a popular software suite for finite element analysis. These

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linking ABAQUS and FORTRAN

We have instruction of linking ABAQUS and FORTRAN here.Using Subroutine in Abaqus helps you to create complex models. Linking Abaqus might not be necessary for you NOW but you might

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Abaqus UMAT

UMAT is the most popular subroutine code in Abaqus. This code is developed to define new material behaviour for modelling. However, many students incorrectly consider this code for parametric definitions.

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Abaqus vs Ansys

As an engineer, we need to build a model to simulate a process so we can save many and reduce processing time. For this aim, we need to use conventional

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